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The Secret To Getting More YouTube Plays

There are a whole hell of a lot of videos on YouTube. So many, that I can’t really visit the site much. I wonder where the millions and millions of YouTube plays come from. How much time do people spend on YouTube?  But there’s a dirty little secret to how a lot of people get YouTube popularity and so many plays. They purchase genuine YouTube plays, views, whatever they’re called.

My friend produces killer music videos that normally involve gorgeous women. So good you’d think they’d be immediately popular. Not true. He said he uses a service called utubeplays.com.

On one video he had 1300 views mostly from his Facebook fan page. He told me to monitor his video’s popularity for the next couple weeks about and he had over 50,000 YouTube plays and started picking up comments and likes.

Like magic.

A few months later he signs with a music video director agency. Asshole cheated! He purchased celebrity. I didn’t realize YouTube plays services even existed. If I were a filmmaker, band, marketer, whatever, I would definitely take the short cut to popularity. Might as well cheat if it’s that easy.

I know this is ‘spose to be a film review site, but I’ve been reading books so whatever. I just felt like telling you about this because I felt like it.

If you want to get your video’s famous here is the answer you’ve been praying for: Getting More YouTube Plays.

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